As regular visitors to the site will have noticed updates have been a little slow of late and the reason being is that I have been busy setting up my own full service Ecommerce and Marketing consultancy CommerceCentric aims to provide unparrarlelled client understanding and relationships, quality services and the delivery of real results. From Indie […]

Ecommerce Priming

In an earlier article “Merchandising and discoverability for in game stores and virtual items” I discussed the need to borrow key concepts from traditional online retail when creating in game stores. The article covered the four main pillars of Easy to find, Easy to Evaluate, Easy to buy and Social which when implemented can help […]


Below you will find a full slideshare version of Chris Anderson’s (former Editor in chief of Wired magazine) 2009 Book: Free – The Future of a Radical Price If you have never read the book or come across the concept before this makes for essential reading and goes a long way to explain some of […]

Video Game Communities

Back in July I posted my Beginners Guide to Community Management where I tried to cover some of the basics around what a community is, why its important, especially for video games and what a community managers general tasks might cover. In concluding I put forward the belief that community management is a key department […]

China SEM

Below I have collated a selection of the most up to date slideshare presentation on search engine marketing (SEM) in China. China has a radically different search engine landscape with Google Yahoo and Bing combines accounting for less than 3% of the market. Baidu is the dominant player and has its own algorithms and guidelines […]

China Video Games Market

Following on from my last update on the Chinese Video Games Market below is a recent report from China Internet Watch on the games market in 2013. It includes some interesting data on internet video usage as well as updated revenue numbers.   CIW: China Online Video Market Report for 2013

I have just completed my in depth analysis on the Chinese Video Games Market and at the base of this article you will find the presentation on slideshare. It covers the current market and forecast, key demographics, cultural considerations and video games marketing needs for the country. The Chinese video games market in 2012 was […]