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Russian Marketing

3 Great Slideshare Presentations You Should Read Before Doing Business In Russia

A few weeks ago I posted my own Slideshare presentation on the Russian Video Games Market along with a few tips on key factors that will help your game succeed in the region. Russia is an amazing country yet to reach its full potential but still Europe’s No1# market for video games. If you are not seriously […]

video games development

Want to be a better Games Marketer? Spend more time in the engine room

If you’re a professional marketer working in the industry you probably think you have a pretty good handle on video games marketing. You know your marketing touch points, what works, what doesn’t  Maybe you are super analytical and can follow the exact life-cycle of users from curious investigative prospect to full monetized core player. Maybe you work on […]

marketing with no money

Marketing Your Game With No Money – Part 3 Content Marketing

Content Marketing is getting a lot of internet hype of late within marketing circles, which is good and bad. Good in that people are trying to understand how it can benefit brands and companies  but bad in that the term is getting overused and pushed into the limelight as the savior of marketing. Hundreds of […]

piracy in brazil

Understanding and Combating Video Games Piracy in Brazil – Guest Post

This is a guest post by Vinicius De Nadai Andrade Piracy is a global problem but why is piracy bigger in some countries than others? The challenge is to discover the best approach to prevent or somehow circumvent the issue in countries like Brazil. What is clear, is that standard approaches continue to suffer and new […]