Turkish Games Market

Turkey is a rapidly changing and exciting market for video games and much like Brazil undergoing extreme growth. With a population roughly the same size of Germany and a high proportion of that under the age of 25 the video games industry and particularly the free to play and mobile market is exploding. Estimates vary […]

Scrum task board

For many years video game marketing has been locked in the cycle of launch marketing. Having a set date in the future when your product would be released to the general public and it was the job of the Marketing department to make sure that as many people wanted to buy your game at that […]

Community Management

As what we understand a video game to be changes and evolves, so do the supportive teams and infrastructures we need to build around them. Games are no longer a singular experience and players demand much more interaction and sense of involvement, especially when the game itself is acting as a kind of community as […]

Business development is a difficult discipline to categorize and as such it can be hard to find resources that can satisfactorily help people working in this field, especially in the video games industry. At any one time it can cover (though is not limited to) Marketing, Analytics, Legal, Strategy, Finance, Sales, Distribution, Payments, Partnerships and […]

Imagine you have spent an hour carefully considering products in a store, weighing up the pro’s and cons and veritable merits of the various goods. You have come to a purchase decision, although you still have some doubts but head to the checkout anyway. At the checkout you are forced to sit down and fill […]

power law curve

Aggressive monetization and targeting of high value players is receiving more and more attention from game developers, especially in the mobile channel. This had led to a more analytical approach to game creation. Now before I discuss the industry standard metrics of CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), ARPU (Average Revenue per User) and LTV (Lifetime Value), […]

Marketing with no Money

A few weeks ago I posted my beginners guide to PR, which if you missed it you can find here: Marketing Your Game with No Money – PR Hopefully you found it useful and informative but one thing I believe is that you can always know more about Marketing and one of the best ways is to […]