About Games Marketer

Games Marketer is a blog about getting games noticed, engaged with and ideally, making money.

Whether your an old hand or see video games marketing as a cynical dark art, I aim to provide insight, analysis and real best practice you can actually use.

The video games landscape continues to change with a variety of business models, free to play, digital distribution and old skool retail, games as products or services, games as advertising or games as content. This is the most exciting and challenging time to be a video games marketer.

About the Author – Philip Driver

I am an Ecommerce, Business Development and Marketing expert specialising in the field of video games.

For over 10 years I have worked with major publishers (EA, THQ & Ubisoft) and some of Europe’s biggest retailers (Game, Gamestation & Gameplay) in online and traditional mediums to promote and retail some of the greatest ever video games. I currently work for Riot Games.

I am at heart a gamer, though I also try to fit in being a father, husband and occasional gym user.



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The views and opinions on this site a wholly the authors and have no relationship or bearing on any of the companies mentioned or associated. Examples of analysis performed within articles are only examples or observation.


  1. Sir, been designing games since 1973. I have a completed game that I think would be good in the China market. Have android mobile version available.Can supply link where game can be played.

    Any ideas or suggestions on anyone that could get this game in China Market. Thanks

    1. Hey Jack feel free to send me the info. Contact info on the “about” page.

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