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The Beginners Guide to Community Management

As what we understand a video game to be changes and evolves, so do the supportive teams and infrastructures we need to build around them. Games are no longer a singular experience and players demand much more interaction and sense of involvement, especially when the game itself is acting as a kind of community as […]

4 Great Slideshares For Video Game Business Development Managers

Business development is a difficult discipline to categorize and as such it can be hard to find resources that can satisfactorily help people working in this field, especially in the video games industry. At any one time it can cover (though is not limited to) Marketing, Analytics, Legal, Strategy, Finance, Sales, Distribution, Payments, Partnerships and […]

Localizing Payment Options and Reducing Friction for Video Games

Imagine you have spent an hour carefully considering products in a store, weighing up the pro’s and cons and veritable merits of the various goods. You have come to a purchase decision, although you still have some doubts but head to the checkout anyway. At the checkout you are forced to sit down and fill […]

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Player Valuation for Marketing in Free to Play Games

Aggressive monetization and targeting of high value players is receiving more and more attention from game developers, especially in the mobile channel. This had led to a more analytical approach to game creation. Now before I discuss the industry standard metrics of CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), ARPU (Average Revenue per User) and LTV (Lifetime Value), […]

Virtual Goods

Merchandising and Discoverability for In-Game Stores and Virtual Items

Free to play, social or other direct to consumer game types and publisher stores put the developer or publisher directly into a business to consumer position. This means you can have a complete relationship with your users and that includes financially. From a purely monetary perspective this can improve your profit margins per title by […]

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Want to be a better Games Marketer? Spend more time in the engine room

If you’re a professional marketer working in the industry you probably think you have a pretty good handle on video games marketing. You know your marketing touch points, what works, what doesn’t  Maybe you are super analytical and can follow the exact life-cycle of users from curious investigative prospect to full monetized core player. Maybe you work on […]