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China SEM

Search Engine Marketing in China

Below I have collated a selection of the most up to date slideshare presentation on search engine marketing (SEM) in China. China has a radically different search engine landscape with Google Yahoo and Bing combines accounting for less than 3% of the market. Baidu is the dominant player and has its own algorithms and guidelines […]

China Video Games Market

Chinese Online Video Games Market 2013

Following on from my last update on the Chinese Video Games Market below is a recent report from China Internet Watch on the games market in 2013. It includes some interesting data on internet video usage as well as updated revenue numbers.   CIW: China Online Video Market Report for 2013

The Chinese Games Market

I have just completed my in depth analysis on the Chinese Video Games Market and at the base of this article you will find the presentation on slideshare. It covers the current market and forecast, key demographics, cultural considerations and video games marketing needs for the country. The Chinese video games market in 2012 was […]

Turkish Games Market

The Turkish Games Market

Turkey is a rapidly changing and exciting market for video games and much like Brazil undergoing extreme growth. With a population roughly the same size of Germany and a high proportion of that under the age of 25 the video games industry and particularly the free to play and mobile market is exploding. Estimates vary […]

Localizing Payment Options and Reducing Friction for Video Games

Imagine you have spent an hour carefully considering products in a store, weighing up the pro’s and cons and veritable merits of the various goods. You have come to a purchase decision, although you still have some doubts but head to the checkout anyway. At the checkout you are forced to sit down and fill […]

Russian Marketing

3 Great Slideshare Presentations You Should Read Before Doing Business In Russia

A few weeks ago I posted my own Slideshare presentation on the Russian Video Games Market along with a few tips on key factors that will help your game succeed in the region. Russia is an amazing country yet to reach its full potential but still Europe’s No1# market for video games. If you are not seriously […]

piracy in brazil

Understanding and Combating Video Games Piracy in Brazil – Guest Post

This is a guest post by Vinicius De Nadai Andrade Piracy is a global problem but why is piracy bigger in some countries than others? The challenge is to discover the best approach to prevent or somehow circumvent the issue in countries like Brazil. What is clear, is that standard approaches continue to suffer and new […]