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Ecommerce Priming

The Use of Priming for Video Game Ecommerce and Marketing

In an earlier article “Merchandising and discoverability for in game stores and virtual items” I discussed the need to borrow key concepts from traditional online retail when creating in game stores. The article covered the four main pillars of Easy to find, Easy to Evaluate, Easy to buy and Social which when implemented can help […]

China SEM

Search Engine Marketing in China

Below I have collated a selection of the most up to date slideshare presentation on search engine marketing (SEM) in China. China has a radically different search engine landscape with Google Yahoo and Bing combines accounting for less than 3% of the market. Baidu is the dominant player and has its own algorithms and guidelines […]

The Chinese Games Market

I have just completed my in depth analysis on the Chinese Video Games Market and at the base of this article you will find the presentation on slideshare. It covers the current market and forecast, key demographics, cultural considerations and video games marketing needs for the country. The Chinese video games market in 2012 was […]

Community Management

The Beginners Guide to Community Management

As what we understand a video game to be changes and evolves, so do the supportive teams and infrastructures we need to build around them. Games are no longer a singular experience and players demand much more interaction and sense of involvement, especially when the game itself is acting as a kind of community as […]

Marketing with no Money

Marketing Your Game With No Money – PR (UPDATE)

A few weeks ago I posted my beginners guide to PR, which if you missed it you can find here: Marketing Your Game with No Money – PR Hopefully you found it useful and informative but one thing I believe is that you can always know more about Marketing and one of the best ways is to […]

Free to Play Slideshares

4 Great Slideshares on F2P, Mobile and Social Game Marketing and Monetization.

Best Practices for Maximizing Revenue in Free-to-Play Games Josh Burns from 6waves gives examples for maximizing revenue in Free-to-Play games. Originally presented at a game monetization event in May 2012. The presentation shares his learning’s from working on the Facebook games Kingdoms of Camelot and Ravenwood Faire. The title is best practice but it should […]

Strategic Partnerships

The Benefits and Pitfalls of Strategic Partnerships

Let me begin with a warning. There are few other ways to instantly destroy your credibility than partnering with the wrong companies or in the wrong way. Be careful how you approach this field of business. It’s very easy to get carried away with the enthusiasm for a partnership that seems on the surface to […]