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Ubisoft Rabbids

Make Your Video Game Brands Big!

The picture above is from my trip to Paris to visit Ubisoft today. Upon entry to their Montreuil offices you are greeted by these pair of humongous Rabbids from the popular Raving Rabbids franchise. The effect is an immediate and infectious sense of fun. That is the power that brands can have over us. Brands interact with […]

The Aliens Conversion Funnel

The Aliens Colonial Marine Conversion Funnel

Aliens: Colonial Marine from Sega is release on the 12 of February in the UK and it seems that marketing for the launch is getting into full swing. As have managed to bag the exclusive edition for UK retail, sensibly Sega seem to be doing some co-branded advertising. As I have pointed out in previous posts Sega are […]

Dead Space Mass Effect Armor

Don’t be afraid to play games with your brand

Your brand or franchise is your most valuable asset, it is the core of your business and what your players interact and identify with. Major corporations spend vast sums of money maintaining their brand image and protecting it, litigation can be common which, perversely, can harm the very thing it aims to protect. Famously during the London Olympics over 300 […]