Free – The Future of a Radical Price (Chris Anderson)

Below you will find a full slideshare version of Chris Anderson’s (former Editor in chief of Wired magazine) 2009 Book: Free – The Future of a Radical Price

If you have never read the book or come across the concept before this makes for essential reading and goes a long way to explain some of the reasoning behind the current shift towards free to play games. Although the book itself is not primarily focused on the video games market the key concepts of abundance, reach and bolt on services or products will be very familiar.

Whilst offering items for free is nothing new and in fact in the book Anderson references several historical instances of when items were offered for free in huge numbers, such as Gillette razors. It has been the dawn of the internet and accessibility of cheap data storage that has brought the idea of “Free” so sharply into focus.

Please note I do not own the above slideshare and am only linking to it.

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