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Ubisoft Rabbids

Make Your Video Game Brands Big!

The picture above is from my trip to Paris to visit Ubisoft today. Upon entry to their Montreuil offices you are greeted by these pair of humongous Rabbids from the popular Raving Rabbids franchise. The effect is an immediate and infectious sense of fun. That is the power that brands can have over us. Brands interact with […]

Marketing Your Game With No Money – Part 2 PR

In Part 1 we talked about getting you a web presence so that potential gamers could find you and your game especially if the game is hosted elsewhere, like a a walled garden or portal. Hopefully you are up and running now and have a functioning site where you can describe and promote your game to your […]

TalkSport teams up with IGN for advertising and content deal

IGN has signed a deal with IGN that will see them sharing advertising and content. “We know that gaming is of huge interest to our listeners and readers and this partnership with IGN means we can offer advertisers some fantastic cross-platform opportunities around our content,” said TalkSport commercial director Kurt Edwards. IGN commercial director Adam […]

Video games marketing

Marketing Your Game With No Money – Part 1

So you have made a game and its your pride and joy, maybe its on an app marketplace or a portal somewhere, perhaps its a Facebook game or on Xbox Live Arcade. Or even better your game isn’t quite ready yet but nearing completion. You have poured your heart and soul into it and soon it will be time […]

The Aliens Conversion Funnel

The Aliens Colonial Marine Conversion Funnel

Aliens: Colonial Marine from Sega is release on the 12 of February in the UK and it seems that marketing for the launch is getting into full swing. As have managed to bag the exclusive edition for UK retail, sensibly Sega seem to be doing some co-branded advertising. As I have pointed out in previous posts Sega are […]

Russian Video Games Market

The Russian Games Market

Russia is without doubt the hottest country for PC video games sales in EMEA today with a total video games market predicted to top $1.5 billion by 2015. Enjoying enormous growth over the last few years it has the largest online population in Europe with an internet penetration rate of over 45% (in urban areas […]