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Ecommerce Priming

The Use of Priming for Video Game Ecommerce and Marketing

In an earlier article “Merchandising and discoverability for in game stores and virtual items” I discussed the need to borrow key concepts from traditional online retail when creating in game stores. The article covered the four main pillars of Easy to find, Easy to Evaluate, Easy to buy and Social which when implemented can help […]

Marketing with no Money

Marketing Your Game With No Money – PR (UPDATE)

A few weeks ago I posted my beginners guide to PR, which if you missed it you can find here: Marketing Your Game with No Money – PR Hopefully you found it useful and informative but one thing I believe is that you can always know more about Marketing and one of the best ways is to […]

marketing with no money

Marketing Your Game With No Money – Part 3 Content Marketing

Content Marketing is getting a lot of internet hype of late within marketing circles, which is good and bad. Good in that people are trying to understand how it can benefit brands and companies  but bad in that the term is getting overused and pushed into the limelight as the savior of marketing. Hundreds of […]

Dead Space Mass Effect Armor

Don’t be afraid to play games with your brand

Your brand or franchise is your most valuable asset, it is the core of your business and what your players interact and identify with. Major corporations spend vast sums of money maintaining their brand image and protecting it, litigation can be common which, perversely, can harm the very thing it aims to protect. Famously during the London Olympics over 300 […]