The Turkish Games Market

Turkey is a rapidly changing and exciting market for video games and much like Brazil undergoing extreme growth. With a population roughly the same size of Germany and a high proportion of that under the age of 25 the video games industry and particularly the free to play and mobile market is exploding. Estimates vary but the Turkish games market is valued at anywhere between $150M and $500M.

Below I have collated a few sources of info that show a snapshot of the current market, the first of which is the latest top level data from ICO Partners.

Latest Infographic From ICO partners on the Turkish video games market.

The second infographic is from 3pay. Its based on more mobile and social data but gives a nice alternative to the ICO numbers.

Below I also include a slideshare on eCommerce from Aslı Gökdere from the Association of Turkish Internet Retailers as this gives you more overall demographic data as well as the state of current retail in the country.

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